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10th Arranging ”LJUDBIO IV” at Slottsbiografen in Uppsala. (Electroacoustic music)

December 5, 6th ”Jag lever i konsekvensen” at Stadsteatern in Uppsala. Alma Kirlic´s poetry and music by Thommy Wahlström and Girilal Baars. musicians: Anna Kroeker-violin, Matias Bjørnstad Karlsen-saxofon.

November 17th Barkbröder at MMM-festival in Uppsala.

September, October Composing.

August 7-10 th Meeting with Bauls of Bengal in Uppsala and Stockholm.

July 7th Cd release Wahlstrom/Allard Duo

July 7th Vinyl release Två Cirklar

June 11th Wahlström/Allard Duo at Lake Ekoln.

May 20th Wit Coste Apetrea and friends at Lake Ekoln.

May 19th, 24th and 27th SOLO-festivalen.

April 25th at Slottsbiografen with Coste Apetrea, Erik Forsmark and Max Åhman.

April 5th with Alma Krilic and Girilal Baars.

Mars 9th to Kolkata for concerts with  Duo Barkbröder.

Feb 5th Improvisations with Javier Herbozo at Teater Lederman, Black Baker.


Dec 10th, at Pygméteatern with Javier Herbozo and guests.

Dec 8th, Concert with Alma Krilic´s poetry at Köttinspektionen in Uppsala. update soon.

Dec 4th, 19.00,  Ljudbio III at Slottbiografen in Uppsala.

Nov 26th, 19.00 Synk synk synk. EAM and video concert at Slottsbiografen in Uppsala. Composers: Eva Sidén, Jens Hedman, Paul Pignon, Girilal Baars, Thommy Wahlström

Nov 5th, Improvisation to dancer Tove Fagius and choir in Rutters rekviem at Missionskyrkan

Oct 14, Två Cirklar at Larrys in Stockholm.

Oct 13, Två Cirklar at Omnikvariatet, Uppsala.

Oct 11, Två Cirklar at Stockholm Jazz Festival (Fylkingen)

Oct 7, With Javier Herbozo at Pygméteatern in Stockholm.

Sept 8-10, Concerts with Barkbröder at Copenhagen World Music Festival.

August 27, Wahlström/Allard Duo at Krukan på Mon in Siljansnäs, Dalarna.

August 20 & 21 with Coste Apetrea (guitar) and Eric Forsmark (percussion) concerts by the lake Ekoln, Uppsala.

June: Grant from Ax:son Johnssons stiftelse. The piece FOREWORD will be finished in 2017.

June: Verket 2015 invention for EA no. 22 uppförs i NEW YORK på NYCEMF.

Maj: Arrangerar tillsammans med Henny Kjellberg SOLO festivalen. Se SOLO i menyraden och

April: Blev tilldelad Uppsala läns landstings kulturstipendium.

Jan 4-11, Arbetsvistelse i Cortona Italy,


Dec 12, Framträdande med Coste Apetrea och Erik Forshage på Reginateatern.

Dec 12, Framträdande med Shahryar Bakshipoor på Slottsbiografen.

Dec 9, 2015 invention for EA no. 17 at LJUDBIO II in Uppsala.

Nov 26, Wahlström/Allard Duo at Omnikvariatet in Uppsala.

Oct 10, 2015 invention for violin and EA no. 19 at Omnikvariatet, Uppsala.

Sept 19, 2015 invention for EA no. 17 at Clifden arts festival, Clifden, Ireland.

Aug, Wahlström/Allard Duo concerts in Dalarna.

July 25-29 VEMS sommarturne i Dalarna. EAM.

June 22-28 The piece ”2014 invention for ea no. 14” is performed at the NYCEMF festival in New York city.

May 2, 6, 9th arranging together wit Henny Kjellberg a minifestival for seldom heard music at Galleri 1 in Uppsala.

April 19th The piece Skifta hamn is performed in stora salen at KMH by KammarensembleN at 18.00.

April 16 The piece Formlöshetens fullkomliga pärla is performed in Maria Magdalena Kyrka by KMHs Vokalensemble.

Feb 12th Composer in residence at VICC.

Jan 24th Improvisation with G..Baars at Slottsbiografen, Uppsala.


November 26th, interpreting and improvising ”2014 invention for duo no. 10” with Ewert Ekros at Marabouparken in Stockholm at the exhibition ”No sound is innocent”. Graphic scores interpreted by members from GLO (the Great Learning Orchestra)

November 15-16th Ljudbio at Slottsbiografen in Uppsala. Curating together with G Baars and participating with the piece ”2010 invention for ea no.27”.

Oktober 30th, performance, solo on saxophone and cowhorn at Nya Perspektiv, Västerås.

April: 9th, 2014 invention for NEO nr.12 is performed during the LjudoLjud festival in Stockholm. LjudOLJud
February 2014: Tour in India with ”Barkbröder extended” on the Festival SUFI SUTRA. Kolkata, Baharampur,  Patna, Dehli, Goa. Thank you Amitava and everyone at Banglanatak.


November: 17th kl.16.00. Stycket 2013 invention for two guitars nr. 9 framförs av the Gothenburg combo på Elimkapellet i Norrtälje.

Oktober: 14th, Duon Två Cirklar (Improvisation) på Stockholms jazzfestival (scen Fylkingen). länk till Jazzfestivalens  program.

The piece 2013 invention for mezzosoprano and flute nr. 3 will be performed by Katherine Crawford (mezzosoprano) and Rebecca Ashe (flute) on the , Composers Voice Series the 15th of September 1.00 Pm, Jan Hus Church 351 east 74th Street New York City. Very welcome!!

Stycket ”2013 invention for ea nr. 11 (8)” på VEMS at Norbergfestivalen 26,27 Juli.