From the piece Skifta hamn, composed for KammarensembleN.

two of the graphic parts.

trombone percussion and EA.

alto saxophone and speakers.


2017 invention for two instruments no.17

2017 invention for saxophone quartet no.5

Performed by Stockholm Saxophone Quartet 2 at the festival VÅR YRA in Uppsala april 2018.

Formlöshetens fullkomliga pärla – 2015, for choir and organ

based on a text by Rabindranath Tagore


A combination of traditional notation and alternative representation of sound.



2014 invention for percussion, piano, flute, clarinet, violin, viola and violoncello no.12

Performed by Norrbotten Neo at Fylkingen 2014.


2013 invention for two guitars no.9

part I (of V)

part II

Performed 2013 by The Gothenburg Combo.



2010 invention for Early Trio and EA no.30

notbild II


Green so safe rest in your enchantment, o, o, o, on a leafboat travel through the air. In the forecourt a tree made of silver, with apples the golden nine, not sleeping not awake. How can dreams fly through and watch the window in the garden of my thoughts. Window in the sounding creek, dong! Of my my thoughts and beyond every path on which I am safe, passage of time long or short.Watching mirror with no eyes, without. And gently the clouds are passing by. While, while surface above, carp is in the water, lark in the clear blue sky. Gently, the clouds are passing by.

Mikael Bellini – Countertenor

Louise Agnani – Viola da Gamba

Peter Söderberg – Luta