Concerts, performances etc in selection

Concerts, perfomances, etc in selection


December Soprano saxophone in folkloristic mass by Margareta Hälleberg, in Siljansnäs, Dalarna.

December Concerts fixed media och Akustisk/EAM komponerad/improvisation i Wien (Das LOT, på Neuer Musikverein)Composer Trio: Christoph Punzmann Girilal Baars, Thommy Wahlström.

November exhibition at Galleri 2 with Henny Linn Kjellberg. 

"Gläntan", an exhibition/improvisation with unusual instrumentation that spans three weeks.

September 15th concert with Suranjana Gosh and Coste Apetrea

September 10th Improvising at soprano/barytone saxophone to Anders Rönnlunds artpiece "Att odla vete"

at the exhibition "Öppna dörrar".

September 8th improvised music with Girilal Baars and Jaap Blonk at Omnikvariatet, Uppsala.

August 14th Recording of beehives in the area around Skogstibble with help from beekeepers

Jorges Claverie and Quentin Zahlingen. For the piece 2022 inv for EA no.6, subtitle: excerpt and fork

from a space with beehives. Premiere in dec 2022.


June 4th 14.00 Concert with Coste Apetrea at CafeKulturHaus Ekensberg

May 28th Improvisation Sopransaxofonsolo at vernissage at Uppsala Konstmuseet. Textile artist Ingrid Skjerfve. 

link to the event.

April 23rd Stockholms kulturnatt, the piece "2022 invention for EA no.5" will be performed at VEMS concert at Fylkingen. VEMS = Verksamma på EMS.

2022 invention for EA no.5

4 channel

dur: 7 min

Studie nr. 2

Den porlande tiden

faller utmed sidverket

ner på inte, en plan yta 

men i själva verket ett annat 

fluidum än den själv.

April 9th Två Cirklar and Tam at Fylkingen 19.30


December The audiovisual piece 2020 invention for EA and video no.11 (Excerpt and fork from a music instruction without specific instrumentation) is running for a week in Enköping at Joar Blå.

December 4th Ljudbio, Slottsbiografen Uppsala Electroacoustic works by swedish composers.

November 11th, Improvised music at Omnikvariatet in Uppsala.

October 16th, String trio Fenix performs 2021 invention for string trio no.3

September 17th-26th, Visiting Lithuania for a residency in Druskininkai. Composing music for two sopranos and electronics. Sopranos Ilona Plivago and Dovilé Kazonaité will perform the piece '2020 invention for two sopranos and EA no.7'

in Čiurlionio House, Druskininkai at 18.00

Link to artist talk with Martynas Bialobžeskis and me, about our pieces during our residences in Hållnäs and in Druskininkai. (Interviewer is Åsa Norling, Hållnäs)

August 7-14th, Barkbröder at "Slaget om Gotland", viking music at Visby medevial market.

June 18th,

June 8th, 

June 3rd,


April 24th, the piece 2018 invention for EA no.3 is performed in VEMS web radio concert. Information at:

April 15th, the album "Låtar på sopransaxofon" has been nominated for the Swedish grammy awards 2021!!


December 24th, release of the new album "Låtar på sopransaxofon"

November 29th, Ljudbio, postponed -> covid 19 

November SOLO - festivalen, postponed -> covid 19.

October 31th, 2019 invention for choir and organ no.11 was performed by Uppsala Missionskyrkas vokalensemble in Uppsala Missionskyrka.

October 29th, Musikföreningen Klangkonst arranging and performing improvised music guests Raymond Strid and Emma Augustsson. hosts Girilal Baars and Thommy Wahlström.

September Recordings in Kvarnbo kvarn. "Låtar på sopransaxofon". Traditional and new folkmusic on solo soprano saxophone.


April 10th the piece "2020 invention for EA and soprano saxophone no.2". Performed in Uppsala Missionskyrka.

Mars 21st, "2019 Invention for EA, one speaker no.18"
Subtitle: En melodisk rörelse, 1.0 , (2019) was premiered at the festival Svensk Musikvår 21st of mars.

At Fylkingen in Stockholm.

April 25th, Project Text/Music etc with Tam Hare, Pål Stenqvist and Tomas Bodén will be performed at Fylkingen. soon moore information.


Dec 11th, 2018 invention for EA no.10 during the Collaboration SEAMS/Fizzle/Beast in Stockholm.

Dec 10th, Ohm Naad concert at Slottsbiografen in Uppsala.

Dec 1st, Ljudbio V at Slottsbiografen in Uppsala.

Nov 30th, EAM ...

17-18 nov, arranging the SOLO festival in Uppsala. 

Nov 8-9th, 2018 invention for EA no.10 in the Collaboration SEAMS/Fizzle/Beast in Birmingham.

Oct 16-23rd, composing in FST´s in Berlin.

Oct 2nd, SEAMS concert at Fylkingen Stockholm.

Sept 24th - ..,  Wahlström/Allard Duo mini westcoast tour.

Sept 14th, the piece 2019 invention for 2 soundsources and video no.7 at the exhibition Moment - Skeenden i trädgården vid Hospitalet in Uppsala. Collaboration between Hospitalet and Milo.

Aug 31-2nd sept, the piece 2019 invention for 2 soundsources and video no.7 at the exhibition Moment - Skeenden i trädgården vid Milo in Visby. Collaboration between Hospitalet and Milo.

June 3rd, working grant from Uppsala kommun.

May 10th, the piece 2017 invention for organ and EA No. 18 was performed at the ISCM-festival in St.Nicholas church in Tallinn by Ulla Krigul and Tammu Sumera